Crystal Exchange Ltd

Crystal Exchange Ltd is now owned and operated, along with Nancy Gibbs Collectibles Ltd as part of The Crystal Lodge (London) Ltd.

About The Crystal Lodge (London) Ltd

We specialise in rare, retired and discontinued Swarovski crystal. We are the premier crystal company on the UK secondary market. We are also the only company in the UK who Swarovski are happy to recommend to clients seeking to buy or sell, or indeed replace or value retired Swarovski products.

Please visit our website at:

The Crystal Lodge

Buying retired crystal from us

We stock a wide range of retired Swarovski crystal animals, candleholders, paperweights, Disney, Lovlots, Crystal Paradise, Crystal Memories / Moments, annual and limited editions pieces and many more, all of which are available for immediate despatch. Orders may be placed on-line or on the phone.

Our retired Swarovski crystal is owned by us, we are not a brokerage, so the crystal is pre-checked and “ready to go” which means a super fast service, and also avoids the problems of crystal brokers where the retired crystal would, at the point of your order, have not been seen by the company listing it, let alone been checked for quality. By stocking our own crystal, this ensures you are buying a pre-checked product, that the price you see is the price you pay, with no hidden extras and no confusing lists of different prices for the same item.

Searching for rare retired crystal

Our Crystal Detective service is available if you can’t find a particular rare or unusual piece of Swarovski crystal. Just tell us which item you are looking for, and we’ll set to work tracking it down for you. We are in a great position to do this as we have a worldwide network of contacts to help us seek out those unusual, elusive and rare Swarovski pieces for you.

Insuring retired Swarovski crystal and valuing retired Swarovski crystal

Each year we publish our Crystal Lodge “Swarovski Crystal Insurance Valuation Guide”. The guide shows the current UK market values of retired and rare Swarovski crystal animals, figurines plus functional items across all the Swarovski crystal ranges. We don’t sell currently available Swarovski crystal, but for your convenience, we do list these items and their current Swarovski RRPs at the end of the guide, so all your crystal can be documented and valued in one place.

Available in 2 formats: pdf or Excel, our Swarovski crystal valuation guides are completely free to download. The Excel format has the facility for users to add the number of each piece they have in their collection. It will automatically calculate the total value of your collection for you.

Our website

Our website includes a fully functioning and secure retired Swarovski on-line shop (containing over 2000 items), our free Insurance Valuation Guides, a huge Reference section which includes Swarovski Crystal Retirements by year, Swarovski Crystal Introductions by year and much, much more. Please visit us at:

Rare Swarovski Crystal

We look forward to you visiting our website soon.

Alison and The Crystal Lodge Team